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Possible Impact of DH’s Different Ways of Knowing?

Posted by Heather Zuber on

It was great meeting you all on Tuesday!  As we introduced ourselves, I noticed that many students had (often extensive) digital experience/knowledge already.  Also, I noticed that nearly everyone expressed a need/desire to somehow enhance/ground/expand their existing DH knowledge by taking this class–a more formal/(traditional?) kind of process/structure/way of producing knowledge in the humanities.  I was thinking that these observations might speak to what Matt was saying about how DH “activities” represent different ways of knowing/forms of knowledge.  I’m wondering whether my own feeling that the digital/DH knowledge I have is somehow not legitimate is due to the fact that it was not gained/produced in the same way/through the same process as humanities knowledge and does not look or feel like that kind of knowledge either.  Also, does this lack of confidence in existing digital knowledge in part maybe come from pressure from outside (and even inside) DH to always somehow “prove” what we know?

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